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Every card has a type, a classification. It defines what you can expect to see in the cards stats or abilities, and often defines the card as a whole.

Classifications vary, but apply to all types of cards.

All types of cards are as follows:

Unit Types

  • Soldier - Essential melee combatant, balanced damage and life.
  • Archer - Ranged combatant, higher damage but lower life.
  • Wizard - Spell-casting combatant, suffers from lower damage and life but have special attack capabilities.
  • Supporter - Supportive role, damage is very low or is incapable of attacking.
  • Dominator - Combatant amongst the strongest for its tier, often with higher damage and life. But typically high power costs.
  • Destroyer - Powerful combatant with siege capabilities.
  • Corruptor - Special units that may apply debuffs or perform crowd control on enemies.
  • Crusader - Special units that may apply buffs or provide support to allies.

Building Types

  • Tower - Building with attack capabilities.
  • Device - Offensive support structure, which may have attack capabilities.
  • Shrine - Beneficial support structure, but has no attack capabilities.
  • Hut - Special support structure, but has no attack capabilities.
  • Fortress - Building with higher life points than other structures, usually possessing attack capability.

Spell Types

  • Spell - Spells which target enemy forces, in most cases they cannot be used to benefit allies.
  • Arcane - Spells which target allied forces, in most cases they cannot be used to harm enemies.
  • Enchantment - Spells which can affect the entire map, often with incredible power but high cost.

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