Skylords Reborn

What are buildings?

Buildings are the backbone of a deck. They are the stationary emplacements that dictate territory and control: Denying all opposition from passing without a fight. While others benefit the offensive march, or fuel the war engine to victory!

Buildings are stationary obstacles that are always found in a match. The most basic buildings are those critical to a skylords success: The Power Wells and Monuments that fuel their decks! Other buildings may be summoned by the skylords or be present as an obstacle on the battlefield which must be surpassed.

They are often used by skylords when they need to defend an objective, support an offensive push, or support their armies or perhaps even fellow skylords from the base back home.

Building Info

Defense Tower Card Artwork.png

All buildings accessible to the player have three constants

  • Power - The energy necessary to play them out.
  • Orbs - The number of elemental orbs needed to play them out.
  • Immobile - It is incapable of movement. With one exception.

Each of these factors are consistent between all buildings, however the traits of each building may differ including if it is even able to attack at all! Some buildings--like the Defense Tower Card Icon.png Defense Tower--serve simply to defend territory you've claimed from enemy attack. While others serve more elaborate and sophisticated uses.

Proximity Healing

Units that are within x meter(10??) proximity of a friendly building will start regenerating health at the following rate per second:

Repairing Buildings

  • The amount of energy you have to spend to repair a building depends on the energy cost of the building. When you repair a building from 0% health to 100% it's always 33% of the energy cost. This applies to all "normal" buildings.
  • Monuments count as 100 Energy buildings and therefore it costs 33 Energy to completely repair them from 0% health and therefore ~16 Energy if they have 1500 life points left.
  • Repair speed is 1.65% per second of the max life points of the building.
  • The only exceptions are wells. They repair instantly and cost 150 Energy to repair them from 0% (therefore 75 energy if they have 1000 life points left.)

Construction Time

Every building that can be played out as a card has a base construction time, over which duration it is built. During this time the building has the Debuff "Under construction", taking 200% increased damage. Below listed, are the exceptions to the average construction time of 20 seconds:

Instant Construction

These structures are built instantaneously and thus unaffected by construction time modifiers.

Rapid Construction

These structures are built in 3 seconds (15% of regular construction time).

Accelerated Construction

These structures are built in 10 seconds (50% of regular construction time).

Normal Construction

These structures are built in 20 seconds (100% of regular construction time).

  • Every other building in the game.
Slowed Construction

These structures are built in 30 seconds (150% of regular construction time).

Construction time modifiers

  • If there is no allied Monument or Power Well nearby, and thus cards can only be played Dazed all buildings base construction time is increased by 50%.
  • Construction Hut Card Icon.png Construction Hut: This card decreases total construction time by 45% / 45% / 45% / 50%.
  • Architect's Call Card Icon.png Architect's Call: This card decreases total construction time by 25% / 35% / 50% / 50% in an area when cast.
  • Kobold Inc. Card Icon.png Kobold Inc.: This card decreases total construction time by 50% (blessed), or 100% (tainted) when activated.

Patch History

Patch #400030
Patch #400022