Skylords Reborn

Behind Enemy Lines is a 1-player PvE scenario that can be played on Advanced and Expert difficulty. It is part of the campaign story The Twilight Taint.

A new religion is infecting its followers with the Twilight. Interrupt the transformation of the Twilight disciples before they turn into monsters.



 Of course there were those who believed the Twilight represented a new ordering of things. Fools who claimed the only chance of survival was to embrace it, formed cults, the largest naming itself the Twilight Church. Intent on snatching their share of the future, ministers began to infect their followers with the curse, experimenting with the process of transformation.
— The Aedai Chronicles


 The first encounter with the Twilight Church proved the start of a thread destined to unravel a tapestry of corruption. From the first infection sites spread a terrible net of infestations. They spanned the north regions of Shrike up to the Lyrish border. But still, the leaders of the Church remained unseen.
— The Aedai Chronicles


Behind Enemy Lines Available Tier 1 Upgrades
(Total: 0)
Available Tier 2 Upgrades
(Total: 21)
Available Tier 3 Upgrades (Total: 21)
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert
List of Card Upgrades Scenario not available on standard difficulty.


Patch History

Patch #400033 - Mid-Patch Update (06 June 2022)
  • Fixed unobtainable monuments on the map Behind Enemy Lines Minimap.jpg Behind Enemy Lines due to the recent map changes.
Patch #400033
  • Added 1 additional starting Power Well Entity Icon.png Power Well with 1200 power capacity ().
    • This means the power well is built and produces power for the player right from the start of the game.
Behind Enemy Lines Minimap.jpg

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