Bandits are one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. They're represented by the colour combination of red and purple; all Bandits cards have a red and purple border.

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Card Overview

CardPack Bandit

Bandit cards are extremely aggressive cards in BattleForge. They focus on exerting as much damage as possible such as penetrating through shields, Cleansing Debuffs and dealing Siege damage. Their Faction trait Life Stealer allows them to regenerate hit points depending on how much damage they do allowing them to stay in battles for longer. Due to the aggressive theme of Bandit cards, they often have high attack and low health.


Tier Two


| Bandit Launcher (R) | Bandit Launcher (P) | Rioter's Retreat (G)| Rioter's Retreat (B)| Skydefender (P) | Skydefender (G) |


| Bandit Sorceress (R) | Bandit Sorceress (B) | Bandit Spearmen (R) | Bandit Spearmen (B) | Bandit Stalker (G) | | Bandit Stalker (R) | Banditos (B) | Banditos (G) | Commandos (P) | Commandos (B) | Windhunter (G) |            | Windhunter (P) |


| Warrior's Death (R) | Warrior's Death (B) |

Tier Three


| Waystation (P) | Waystation (R) |


| Bandit Lancer (G) | Bandit Lancer (P) | Corsair (P) | Corsair (G) | Gunner (R) | Gunner (P) | Soulhunter (B) | | Soulhunter (P) |


| Sandstorm (R) | Sandstorm (P) |

Tier Four


| Artillery (P) | Artillery (R) |


| Bloodhorn (R) | Bloodhorn (P) | Tortugun (B) | Tortugun (R) |


| Amok (P) | Amok (R) |


"With the Kingdoms broken, their kings dead or lost, their armies scattered and leaderless, the world has become a playground for maurderers. Naturally, when returning to the surface after the Twilight, some did care for rebuilding their olds lives - but others just took what they could get. Some commited themselves to this selfish path so blindly, that they did not care with whom they allied themselves with or wether they slew their former brethern while plundering their broken homes.

This new age created a special faction, a wild collection of creatures that were once affliliated with different powers, but are now all united under the common goal of greed and survival and to make things worse, there are some with less wit who just follow along in the wake."

-The Elemental Powers
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