Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Basic Info

The Nefarious third tier dragonkin of the Wasteland Bandits. The Bandit Windhunter is a vicious force that paralyzes enemies with its ranged attack. In worse-cases they often travel in packs.

Ability Info

Card Icon Autocast.png

Paralyzing Spit Ranged attacks paralyze targets for 12s. Once the effect wears off, targets are immune to paralyze for a while.

The paralyzing effects of the Bandit Windhunter give it a devastating effectiveness.

Tips & Strategies

Because they attack at range, fly, and paralyze; It's no wonder why these beasts are despised. Their effectiveness cannot be underestimated.

Dispatching them with spells like Curse of Oink Card Icon.png Curse of Oink can make the job much easier for you. Additionally, Disenchant Card Icon.png Disenchant will offer temporary immunity to paralyze.


  • The Bandit Windhunter is a Reskin f the Swamp Drake Card Icon.png Swamp Drake
  • The Bandit card Windhunter Card Icon.png Windhunter is based on the Bandit Windhunter, but with more unique abilities.