Basic Info

Bandit Vanguard are first tier skirmishers for the Wasteland Bandits. Notable for their high stats and ability to charge. These ragged orcs readily tear through their opponents.

Ability Info

Card Icon Passive

Unit charges at enemies

Similarly to Strikers Card Icon Strikers and the Enforcer Card Icon Enforcer, the Bandit Vanguard can charge; Letting them rapidly close the distance and deliver significant damage.

This ability gives the Vanguard an advantage in solo fights, and can allow them to win what would otherwise be a doomed fight.

Tips & Strategies

Their high stats and damage output make the Bandit Vanguard a scary foe. Fortunately, these units are relatively uncommon.

Like other melee units, Crowd Control eases the process of defeating these guys. Outside of this, countering them with archers, particularly those with an S counter is a viable technique.


  • The Bandit Vanguard are a Reskin of the Strikers Card Icon Strikers.
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