Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Basic Info

A first tier shaman for the Wasteland Bandits, a relatively weak unit that can supply healing to its allies. By nature, this unit can be a nuisance.


Card Icon Autocast.png

Heal Every 5 seconds, heals an ally for 80 life points.

Like the Shaman Card Icon.png Shaman, Bandit Shamans heal their allies periodically. This ability has a wide range of aggro but is weaker than the traditional shamans heal.

Bandit Shamans typically focus on using this ability over attacking.

Tips & Strategies

Bandit Shamans are weak and fragile, not a dangerous foe in combat. But their ability to heal makes them a high priority target.

Their long aggro range to heal their allies often leads to them running in from great distances, which can be greatly harmful in rpve.

Crowd Control is a good method of shutting down their healing, but their low health points make them easy kills.


  • The Bandit Shaman is a Reskin of the Shaman Card Icon.png Shaman.