Basic Info

Bandit Footmen are early-game fighters for the Wasteland Bandits, statistically inferior to fighters from the elemental powers; But with the capacity to deal extra damage to structures.

Ability Info

Card Icon Passive

Deals 50% more damage against structures.

Against structures, Bandit Footmen have an effective ATK of 900. They have the capacity to readily destroy first tier structures rather easily.

Tips & Strategies

Bandit Footmen are rather simple to dispatch. Their small size and melee attack make Crowd Control a reliable counter.

They can often be found paired with Bandit Crossbowmen Entity Icon Bandit Crossbowmen and Bandit Vanguard Entity Icon Bandit Vanguard, but also accompany the majority of bandit compounds.

Their passive siege makes them dangerous to early game structures like Makeshift Tower Card Icon Makeshift Tower and Mortar Tower Card Icon Mortar Tower


  • The Bandit Footmen are a Reskin of the Northguards Card Icon Northguards.
  • The Bandit card Banditos Card Icon Banditos is based on the Bandit Footmen; but has more unique abilities.
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