Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Basic Info

First tier archers for the Wasteland Bandits. These crossbowmen are hardy and pack rather decent firepower to boot. They are a frequent sight among bandit ranks and can prove difficult to fell on walls.

Ability Info

Bandit Crossbowmen do not have any abilities.

Tips & Strategies

Because they attack at a distance, they are a great deal more dangerous than some of their peers. But like any small unit, they are readily susceptible to Crowd Control.

Against a Medium unit they have an effective ATK of 720. Enough to easily kill several first tier medium units quickly. More troublesome however is that their effective health increases to 945 mounted on a wall; Enabling great resilience.


  • The Bandit Crossbowmen are a Reskin of the Defenders Card Icon.png Defenders.
  • The Bandit card Commandos Card Icon.png Commandos, is based on the Bandit Crossbowmen; but possesses more unique skills.