Bad Harvest is a 4-player PvE scenario that can be played on Standard, Advanced and Expert difficulty. It is part of the campaign story The Treasure and the King.

Protect one piece of an unimaginable treasure and face the wrath of a giant.


 "The treasure paid to the giants in exchange for the new sun had been stolen by the mortal king of fire, known to some as the Red King. His actions brought the wrath of the giants down on all mortals.

Yet one of the missing treasure wagons was found. The Lyrish humans sent a messenger to the Giant King, Jorne. They offered him the wagon in the hope of gaining a truce.

But news of the treasure attracted marauders who hungered not for peace, but simply blood and gold. With them came a rogue giant and his Stonekin minions."

— The Aedai Chronicles

Rogan walked the length of the landship marvelling at the contraption. A vessel of both science and magic, it sailed the skies, majestic proof anything was possible. The massive cask chained to its deck was unblemished and looked every inch a container for unthinkable wealth. There was no sign of the crew tasked to guard it, the Red King’s guard must have left the valuable cargo behind. Rogan rubbed his chin, wondering if the treasure was some kind of simple trap. He smiled ruefully, knowing it was worth the risk.

With the contents of this cask , one could have bought half a city in the old world. That there were hundreds of these wagons elsewhere, either abandoned or still on some covert trek guided by the Red King, made him shiver. But this gold was useless; it could not feed or clothe the needy.

Except it could be perhaps used to pay back a sliver of the debt owed by humanity to the giants. Everything would depend on the Giant King accepting the offer, if the messenger even reached him alive. It would be a gamble, but it might be worth it.

Useless as gold might be, Rogan knew he might have to have to fight his own mortal brothers for it. He shook his head; as if enough blood was not already being shed.

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Bad Harvest Available Tier 1 Upgrades
(Total: 28)
Available Tier 2 Upgrades
(Total: 23)
Available Tier 3 Upgrades (Total: 23)
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert
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This map has not been changed yet, compared to its original appearence in BattleForge.

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