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Aura of Corruption is a Tier 2 (Tokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Shadow.png) Icon Spell.pngSpell of the Shadow faction. This rare card was released with the Twilight Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.

This card has been changed already, compared to its original appearance in BattleForge.


This card has no associated lore.

Card Info

Mischievous Aura
After 4 seconds a destructive aura of 30m radius will have formed at the target location. Every card played out within it will backlash, dealing 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 times their power cost times their orb count as area damage distributed among all hostile and friendly units, up to 10000 in total. Lasts for 40 seconds. Reusable every 55 seconds.

Card Upgrades & Drop Locations

Displayed below are the card's upgrades and where to obtain them.

Aura of Corruption Card Icon.png Aura of Corruption Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Upgrade Card
Aura of Corruption
Aura of Corruption
Aura of Corruption
Drop Location Bad Harvest Minimap.jpg Bad Harvest The Insane God Minimap.jpg The Insane God The Insane God Minimap.jpg The Insane God
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert


Patch History

Patch #400031
  • Mischievous Aura:
    • Improved ability tooltip and status bar description to be more consistent.
Patch #400030
  • Mischievous Aura:
    • Reverted accidental changes to the ability name in Patch #400022.
    • Replaced the word "era" with "orb count".
    • Added the total damage cap of 10000 to the description.
    • Improved upgrade card descriptions.
Patch #400028
  • Mischievous Aura:
    • Increased the cooldown from 40 to 55 seconds.
Patch #400022
  • Mischievous Aura:
    • Added a status bar icon on units currently within the active area of effect.
    • Fixed spelling errors on Russian card description.

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