Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Amii Phantom is a Tier 2 (Tokenslot Orb Shadow.pngTokenslot Orb Nature.png) Icon Unit.pngUnit of the Amii faction. This common card was released with the Amii Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.

This card has been changed already, compared to its original appearance in BattleForge.


This card has no associated lore.

Card Info

Withering Spear
Card Icon Autocast.png Autocast: Every 2.5 seconds, unit throws a poison-tipped spear dealing 85 damage and slowing enemy units. Slowed units may only move at walkspeed. Last for 10 seconds
Amii Ashfighter
Power Cost: 0 Energy
Amii Phantom Amii Ashfighter Ability Icon.png
Card Icon Toggle.png Toggle: Enable to gain:
Card Icon Passive.png Passive: Attacked units cannot use their special abilities for 10 seconds. Opponents cannot use their ranged attacks either while being directly attacked by Amii Phantom.
Card Icon Passive.png Passive: Moves at highspeed.

Card Upgrades & Drop Locations

Displayed below are the card's upgrades and where to obtain them.

Amii Phantom Card Icon.png Amii Phantom Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Upgrade Card
Amii Phantom
Amii Phantom
Amii Phantom
Drop Location Empire Minimap.jpg Empire Empire Minimap.jpg Empire Empire Minimap.jpg Empire
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert

Patch History

Patch #400030
  • The range classification has been aligned with similar cards and set to Ranged and Melee.
  • Adjusted general formatting of tooltip description.

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