Skylords Reborn

The Amii Edition is the fourth and final edition of BattleForge cards released by the original developers.


The Amii Edition once again further expands the Battleforge card set with entirely new units, buildings and spells. An Amii creature also join the Skylords and aid them in battle.

The basic set encompasses a total of 38 unique buildings, spells and units. Most of which are available in two different variants and also includes legendary cards. With their special affinities towards an accessory colour the resulting in a total of 72 new cards which enrich the BattleForge card set with even more variation and diversion. The set provides 41 units, 15 buildings and 16 spells.

Dual Orbs

The Amii Edition once again expands the concept of dual orbs. However, this time there is only one new faction is introduced that are not governed by one power alone but are able to tap into a second power. Therefore they unlock additional special abilities or are generally more flexible and will prove valuable additions when you create your new decks.

Amii use the powers of Shadow and Nature allowing both healing and control as well as stance switching and versatility as this is their unique ability.

Note: Future editions will expand on the game and story by adding new cards and maps. For each edition, there are separate boosters. A booster or tome can therefore only contain these cards.