Skylords Reborn

Affinity is a game feature in BattleForge where a card exist as 2 different variants, which have slightly different characteristics or abilities. Their affinity effectively modifies some aspect of the card to make it align more towards one element, adding increased strategic value to a card that would normally be rather mundane.

All expansion editions released by EA contain cards exclusively with affinities, whereas in the Rebirth Edition released by Skylords Reborn only some cards have affinities.


A prime example is the card Nomad Card Icon Nomad, which can have either a Nomad Card IconAffinity Orb Fire fire or Nomad Card IconAffinity Orb Nature nature affinity, which alters its passive ability to be either Card Icon Passive Affinity Fire Infused Company or Card Icon Passive Affinity Nature Gifted Company. Affinities are not set in stone on their effects however, as some affinities provide effects that do not make much sense within their actual faction.

Affinity Types[]

Affinities come in four types, indicated by a respectively colored orb in the center of the card's right frame. Additionally, the part of the card indicating its power cost and orb requirements is having a similarly colored overlay, and affinity specific abilities have recolored icons as shown below.

Affinity Indicator Affinity Ability Icons Description
Affinity Orb Fire
Card Icon Active Affinity FireCard Icon Passive Affinity FireCard Icon Godspell Affinity FireCard Icon Autocast Affinity Fire
Fire Affinities typically benefit a card in some offensive manner, often by increasing damage output or providing some damage-boosting effect.
Affinity Orb Frost
Card Icon Active Affinity FrostCard Icon Passive Affinity FrostCard Icon Godspell Affinity FrostCard Icon Autocast Affinity Frost
Frost Affinities typically benefit a card in a defensive manner, often by providing damage reduction effects or shields.
Affinity Orb Nature
Card Icon Active Affinity NatureCard Icon Passive Affinity NatureCard Icon Godspell Affinity NatureCard Icon Autocast Affinity Nature
Nature Affinities typically benefit a card in a restorative or controlling manner, often by providing some form of healing or crowd control effects.
Affinity Orb Shadow
Card Icon Active Affinity ShadowCard Icon Passive Affinity ShadowCard Icon Godspell Affinity ShadowCard Icon Autocast Affinity Shadow
Shadow Affinities typically provide a card with a risk/reward trait, often in the form of making a sacrifice or taking a risk to get a much stronger effect.

Related Cards[]

There are some cards that specifically interact with other cards based on their affinities.