Skylords Reborn

Like many online communities, the Skylords Reborn community uses a wide range of different terms and abbreviations. On this page, you can see a list of these terms and abbreviations used in chat or on the forums, along with their meaning. Capitalization may vary. This list is never complete as it is constantly changing.


These terms and abbreviations are common to many online games.

AA = Anti Air or Autoattack

Admin = Administrator

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

AFK = Away From Keyboard

AH = Auction House (marketplace)

AKA = Also Known As

AoE = Area of Effect APM = Actions per Minute ATM = At The Minute / At This Moment

BoT = Back on Topic

BRB = Be Right Back

BTW = By The Way

Buff = Increase in strength or usefulness caused by a spell or effect. Also refers to a power increase due to a balance patch.

Bump = Posting on a thread just to keep it in the top of the forum page.

C = Common (rarity)

CC = Crowd Control. Spells or abilities that make it impossible for units to attack and/or move.

Cheese = Any card, or a combination of cards and playstyle that is considered very hard or impossible to beat efficiently and generally easy to use.

Cya l8er = See you later

DC = Disconnect

DD = Direct Damage

Debuff = Decrease in strength or usefulness caused by a spell or effect.

Dmg = Damage. Often used to tell the damage value stated on the card.

DND = Do Not Disturb

DoT = Damage over Time (debuffs like poison that cause periodic damage)

DPS = Damage Per Second

Elo = The Elo-rating system used for PvP ranking and matchmaking.

Farming = Repeating an action for a long time to obtain something, like playing a lot of rPvE to gain a lot of gold, similar to Grinding.

F2P = Free To Play. A game that is free, or a player that has not spent any money.

Flamer = A player who is consistently rude to others, "flaming" them.

FoW = Fog of War

FTW = For The Win

G = Gold. The ingame currency.

GG = Good game

GJ = Good Job

GL = Good Luck

GLHF = Good Luck, Have Fun. (Friendly way to start a game ^_^)

Grinding = Repeating an action for a long time to obtain something, like playing a lot of rPvE to gain a lot of gold.

G2G = Got To Go

GW = Good Work

HF = Have Fun

HP = Hit Points

HRU = How are you?

IGN = In Game Name

IKR = I Know, Right?

Ily = I love you

IMHO = In My Honest Opinion

IMO = In My Opinion

JK = Just Kidding / Joking

K / KK = Okay

LF = Looking For

LFG = Looking For Group / Looking For Game

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

LOL = Laughing Out Loud ("Haha XD")

LTP / L2P = Learn To Play

M8 = Mate

Mod = Moderator

MVP = Most Valuable Person/Player/Poster

Nerf = A power decrease due to a balance patch.

NFS = Not For Sale.

Ninja'd = When somebody posts something right before you while you are typing the message.

Ninja looting = When the host takes all the upgrades in an assign game without the other players' consent.

Noob = Newbie, a new player. It is also used as an insult.

NP = No Problem

Ofc = Of Course

OP = Overpowered, Overpriced, Original Poster / Opening Post

OMG = Oh my God

OT = Off-Topic

Plz / Pls = Please

PM = Private/Personal Mail or Private Message

PvE = Player versus Environment

PvP = Player versus Player

QFT = Quoted For Truth

QQ = Crying

R = Rare (rarity)

r / Rdy = Ready

ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing

Spam = Repeating the same message many times.

Splash = When a deck has mainly cards of one color with a few cards of another color. For example a Shadow deck with Frost splash.

Sry = Sorry

TBH = To be honest

Thread Necro = Posting in an old forum thread (often 1 year old or older), bumping it back to the front page.

TY / Thx = Thanks, thank you.

Tldr / TL;DR = Too long, didn't read

Troll = Person who posts inappropriate or offensive messages to gain a response or start an argument.

Tyvm = Thank you very much

U2 = You too

UC = Uncommon (rarity)

UR = Ultra Rare (rarity)

UP = Underpowered or Under priced

W8 = Wait

W81m = Wait a minute.

Wb = Welcome back

WBU = What about you?

WP = Well Played

WTB = Want to buy

WTS = Want to sell

WTT = Want to trade

YW = You're Welcome


These abbreviations are used for BattleForge specific terms.

2x mix = A deck consisting of 2 colours.

3x mix = A deck consisting of 3 colours.

BG = Battlegrounds (random PvE)

BF / BaFo = BattleForge (BF can also refer to the games Battlefield or Battlefront.)

BFP = BattleForge Points

Blue = Frost (can also refer to the blessed affinity.)

Cliffing = Attacking with (long) range units over a cliff, to make counterplay difficult.

CRD = Crusade

DPTS / DP20S = Damage Per Twenty Seconds (the damage value displayed on a card.)

F / Fi / Fr = Fire and Frost

Full = A deck consisting of all 4 colors.

Gold Run = Collecting all gold chests in a map and disenchanting all upgrade rewards into gold.

Green = Nature (can also refer to the gifted affinity.)

IPD = Indirect Power Disadvantage

KOTG = King of the Giants

LS = Lost Souls

MTFBWY = "May the force be with you", a quote from the Star Wars films. It basically means "Good Luck". In BattleForge they often talk about "May the forge be with you".

PPD = Permanent Power Disadvantage

Promo = Promo Cards

Pure = A deck consisting of cards in only one color.

Purple = Shadow (can also refer to the tainted affinity.)

Red = Fire (can also refer to the infused affinity.)

rPvE = Random PvE

Spam = A strategy that involves playing lots of the same unit. (e.g. Master Archers spam)

SR = Skylords Reborn

T1 / T2 / T3 / T4 = Tier 1-4, a way of telling how many orbs you have.

U0 / U1 / U2 / U3 = Upgrade level of a card, where U0 stands for no upgrades and U3 to a completely upgraded card.

Card Names

These abbreviations refer to specific BattleForge cards, occasionally one abbreviation could refer to multiple cards depending on the context.

AIS = Area Ice Shield Card Icon.png Area Ice Shield

AoC = Aura of Corruption Card Icon.png Aura of Corruption / Altar of Chaos Card Icon.png Altar of Chaos

AoF = Avatar of Frost Card Icon.png Avatar of Frost

BG = Breeding Grounds Card Icon.png Breeding Grounds

CS / Snap = Coldsnap Card Icon.png Coldsnap

DE / Dis = Disenchant Card Icon.png Disenchant

DO = Deep One Card Icon.png Deep One

Dread = Dreadcharger Card Icon.png Dreadcharger / Dreadnought Card Icon.png Dreadnought

EP = Energy Parasite Card Icon.png Energy Parasite

ES = Earthshaker Card Icon.png Earthshaker

Enli / Enlighten = Enlightenment Card Icon.png Enlightenment

Equi = Equilibrium Card Icon.png Equilibrium

FoF = Furnace of Flesh Card Icon.png Furnace of Flesh

FM = Frost Mage Card Icon.png Frost Mage

GS = Gravity Surge Card Icon.png Gravity Surge

Harv / Harvy / Harvey = Harvester Card Icon.png Harvester

HS = Home Soil Card Icon.png Home Soil

IG = Ice Guardian Card Icon.png Ice Guardian

IST = Ice Shield Tower Card Icon.png Ice Shield Tower

Jugg / Juggy / Jugger = Juggernaut Card Icon.png Juggernaut

KoC = Knight of Chaos Card Icon.png Knight of Chaos

LB = Lightblade Card Icon.png Lightblade

LF = Lava Field Card Icon.png Lava Field

LK = Lyrish Knight Card Icon.png Lyrish Knight

LS = Lost Shade Card Icon.png Lost Shade

LW = Life Weaving Card Icon.png Life Weaving

MA = Master Archers Card Icon.png Master Archers

Maddie = Rogan Kayle Card Icon.png Rogan Kayle

Mauly = Mauler Card Icon.png Mauler

MotK = Mark of the Keeper Card Icon.png Mark of the Keeper

Mounty = Mountaineer Card Icon.png Mountaineer

Nasty = Nasty Surprise Card Icon.png Nasty Surprise

NC = Nightcrawler Card Icon.png Nightcrawler

NG = Nightguard Card Icon.png Nightguard

Nox = Nox Trooper Card Icon.png Nox Trooper

Oink = Curse of Oink Card Icon.png Curse of Oink

PS = Parasite Swarm Card Icon.png Parasite Swarm

RB = Resource Booster Card Icon.png Resource Booster

Roots = Ensnaring Roots Card Icon.png Ensnaring Roots

Shammy = Shaman Card Icon.png Shaman

SM = Shadow Mage Card Icon.png Shadow Mage

SoG = Shrine of Greed Card Icon.png Shrine of Greed

SoL = Surge of Light Card Icon.png Surge of Light

SoM = Shrine of Memory Card Icon.png Shrine of Memory / Shrine of Martyrs Card Icon.png Shrine of Martyrs

SoT = Stone of Torment Card Icon.png Stone of Torment

SoW = Shrine of War Card Icon.png Shrine of War

SS = Soulshatter Card Icon.png Soulshatter

UA = Undead Army Card Icon.png Undead Army

Unholy / UP / UH = Unholy Power Card Icon.png Unholy Power / Unholy Hero Card Icon.png Unholy Hero

WBG = Worldbreaker Gun Card Icon.png Worldbreaker Gun

Wings = Mana Wing Card Icon.png Mana Wing

WoG = Wheel of Gifts Card Icon.png Wheel of Gifts

WotN = Ward of the North Card Icon.png Ward of the North

WW = Windweavers Card Icon.png Windweavers